Let’s Recap Some Stuff…

I was watching some older fake news from October 2016, just before the election and if you let the videos just run, one after another talks about how crummy Trump is Doing, Hillary is TOTALLY going to

A Tom Leykis on Trump Update

I grew up listening to Tom ever since he landed at KFI in the late 80’s. He’s not a Right-Wing Wacko, NO…he is your Host.

Jake I, as well, have listed to Tom for years when he was on the radio ( not pod cast) I find tons of hypocrites with his Trump bashing. I even recall him being very against a female president because they act on emotion rather than logic. I’m not saying one or the other is true, it’s besides the point. This “terrible” president is putting more money in Toms pocket. Also, When did his show turn political. Such a shame. Used to enjoy his content

Smerconish and Russian Hysteria

I sometimes troll this Smerconish guy on social media because I used to like him because I believed his bull that he wants to report the news honestly without any bias but since Trump, it is clear tha