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Persuasion so good, Scott Adams would be impressed

So…I am talking to this guy about Manafort and he is so excited how Trump is finally beginning to go down by Meuller. I, of course brought up this old Manafort case has nothing to do with Trump, Russians or the 2016 Campaign. He responded of course it does because Manafort worked with the Campaign.


I know a girl I used to work with that did some time for stealing some money. Using this strange logic, am I responsible for knowing her or is the employer responsible for her actions? That is just crazy stuff !!

It dawned on my today while reading a News article that The Media (Reuters in this instance) is responsible for programming people like the guy I was talking to. It is classic persuasion right out of the Scott Adams handbook. Let’s break it down:

First is the Title of the article…it is a simple article updating people on the status of the Manafort case…basically, the jury went another day with no verdict, period, no other news. So, what I just wrote would make a good Title for the Article but since this Manafort case is ALL ABOUT Trump (Shhh…big secret there), let’s try and get “Trump” in the Title of the article…here is the first page:

Excellent…nice work, we are using “Trump” in the title of the article so people just scanning really fast will associate Trump with this Trial.

Next up, it would cool to add a visual of Trump but that would be too obvious…maybe we can make it an ad. A goofy image of him and his name next to “Mueller” would drive home a quick mental picture for those who don’t want to read closely (most of the public).

Great…now, let’s try and use the Word “Trump” throughout the article that is about [Manafort – wink wink]…a good swamp writer should be able to get “Trump” name is just about EVERY paragraph if he/she is creative swampy enough. Let’s see how we are doing:


This is going great…the “Trump” name is everywhere and shows up twice as much as “Manafort” even though the article is about Manafort !

If we are super swampy careful, let’s get some keywords next to the words “Trump” for some quick article glances as well as generating Google Juice (SEO). I see some word already showing up next to “Trump”…like “Accused” and “Disgrace”…perfect !

This is so sick and wrong, I’m just going to go throw up now.





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