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I don’t understand clowns like Tom Arnold…Here’s my logic

Tom Arnold, Bill Maher, MSM, Brennen, Shiff(ty), my last Uber Driver, etc…

The clowns all have the same talking points about Trump is completely owned by Putin and will do anything and everything Putin asks. Speaking of clowns, look at this image my OWN brother created:

The basic premise these clowns have for the crazy comments is that Putin has a tape featuring (Trump, Hookers, Pee) and the last thing in the world is Trump would not want to be embarrassed by this tape going public so he is always going to do Putin’s bidding to avoid such a public spectacle. Yes, people like Bill Maher, Tom Arnold, My Brother, etc…say this with a straight face.

My response to this is as follows:

Hey idiots!  Remember “Pussygate”, “Stormy and her creepy lawyer”, Playboy model “McFrugal”, etc…

Oh yes, Trump would be so very scared if he was outed with yet ONE MORE WHORE…sure dudes, that would take him down for sure. (being sarcastic of course)

Think about it, the logic is COMPLETELY flawed and ridiculous !!




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