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It’s simple to evaluate the new tax plan… 1 + 1 = 2

So simple I don’t even have to read any of the plan…here’s why:

When you have people in the “Left” universe like Sid Schumer & Nancy saying it is so bad that people will die AND other complete retards like this guy

Mike Signorile

He like my brother have made it obvious since literally the day after the election, they would cut off their left NUT if it would remove Trump from office and this was way before he had time to do Anything or there was even any talk about Russia, Russia, Russia. His feeling of what he calls the Trump Tax Scam is just like all the other Dems but 1 + 1 is always 2 folks and it goes like this…
These guys who would sell a sibling to make sure the Dems win in 2020 and Do ANYTHING (Signorile appears fond of all male blowjobs as he speaks about them in his writings)…I digress…if they want Trump to screw up and be hated by the people who voted for him in the first place, THIS Tax Plan Scam is PERFECT !! If it is even 5% as bad as they paint it, this will sink him for sure as everyone pays more except for Trump and his fatcat friends…right ??
But wait, nobody Dem from the Left Universe endorsed voting for it…huh??  If it is so bad and this was a “Blatant spit in the face to promises made to his base” (quoting some old hag whore with a James Brown wig)…Dems should have voted for this 100% with Huge Smiles on their faces.
1 – Dems says the plan is terrible and will make Trump look like an idiot.
+1  –  Zero Dems got behind making the plan happen.
= 2 – The Left as usual are lying and they know the plan is great and will be successful.
That’s how I know 🙂
BTW, did you see that Big Fat Rosie tweeted she would pay Corker and some other whore a couple of million to vote NO and tank the plan??
What another double-standard??  What if Trump or a rich friend of his offered millions to Senators to Vote YES and make the plan go through??  The LEFT would be screaming to have Trump and his family tarred & feathered while naked Ivanka be made to walk down 42nd street with the “Shame” bell.
Rosie won’t even get a slap on the hand…

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