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A Tom Leykis on Trump Update

I grew up listening to Tom ever since he landed at KFI in the late 80’s. He’s not a Right-Wing Wacko, NO…he is your Host. I used to mouth the opening words to his show as he used to say them.

Wait a sec? Have I become a Right-Wing Wacko? I hope not. Wait, what is a Right-Wing Wacko?

Anyway, I always thought Tom was chock full of great information and still do but one day he started talking Politics and that’s when things started sounding inconsistent and I went away for just about a year until last week when I tuned in for a Show to see what he was up to.

It all started going South when he kept saying Donald Trump could Never, Never, Never possibly win the election and become President. He was so sure of this, he blurted it out often. He said pigs would fly and hell would freeze first, etc…(btw, he doesn’t believe in hell…me neither) but you get the idea about how positively SURE of himself he was. I started thinking that anything was possible so being as smug as he was is kind of retarded and things went downhill from there.

I started questioning other stuff in my mind after that…here are some examples:

He has a weekly bit called “Money Monday” (good info by the way) but he would open by saying some smug credentials like he is a “Certified” multi-millionaire. While I have no doubt this is true, when I hear “Certified”, I think of the Oscars where they have a 3rd party accounting firm come out and make a sworn statement or there should be some way for me to verify it beyond just Tom saying it.

He bashed Trump saying he had been involved with Bankruptcies and the last thing we needed was an idiot who could not handle finances and running a Country was completely different from running a Corporation because you can’t go Bankrupt if you get in trouble. Hillary used to say this same crap and maybe he was just repeating her talking points. Here’s the thing…

When it comes to Tom, he is a trusted source because he is a self described “Certified Multi-Millionaire” but Trump having enough money to buy and sell Tom ten or more times over, gives Trump no credibility? Huh?

Also, I am no expert about this but after some quick research and using the site “Manta.com”, it appears the United States of America IS indeed a Corporation so Trump having business experience running Corporations might just be helpful.


Moreover, his comments about Bankruptcy not ever being an option (not that it should be) sounds pretty dumb to me because I’m pretty sure the United States went Bankrupt before in 1933.

Also, consider this logic (hypocrisy) we are now seeing in the MSM…Tom had his own hypocrisies that drove me crazy…He had a bit he would do each week called “Leykis 101” which is fantastic information BUT when people would call him out asking how he could be such a relationship expert when he has 4 Ex-Wives, his answer was he went through all the experience (Good & Bad) and that is what makes him an expert. Okay…BUT…when it comes to Trump having some Companies go Bankrupt (and many did fantastic) but since he had some Bad “Ex’s” so to speak, Tom’s opinion was Trump is certainly an idiot that should not be running the Country (Corporation). Huh? Negative experiences for Tom make HIM an Expert but a Negative experience for Trump makes him unqualified??

Like I said, I bailed for almost a year and checked back last week to see what is going on over there now.

I could tell by ONE show that he is one of those “Not My President” guys. He kept making reference to Trump by saying “Your President did this…”, “Your President says that…”. I can see he dealt with the egg on his arrogant face after the Election by blaming the “Idiots” who voted for him but of course he knew better and everyone who is smart also knew better than to vote for Trump…so his callers call him daily to suck his dick and agree with him to the point he REALLY believes it.

The show I heard was about how Trump hates the Trans community. It was more hypocrisy as usual. I’ve listened to Tom long enough to know when they are making someone the butt of a joke with Gary and Dino, they say “He was with a Trannie…” (Negative connotation) BUT today he was all Full Respect for the poor Trans Community that “Your President” hates.

Leykis also says it is a fact that Trump is changing the laws about Trans Military because it somehow gives him the money to build the Mexico border wall? I guess they would save lots of money by not paying for sex-change operations but it can’t add up to THAT much. I could not even find this Topic on Snopes.com to see what their take was on this subject so I have no idea how to verify what Tom says is pure fact. He said sites like MSNBC wrote about it so it must be true. (heavy sigh)

One thing I know to be a BIG FAT FACT…if the law was forcing him to Pay for turning Gary or Dino from a rooster to a hen, he would be going fucking bananas and would not pretend to be so Trans friendly. Also, the economy is on fire and Leykis is probably Super happy with his stock portfolio right now but he would never attribute one bit of that to Trump.

BTW, Tom…you kept saying EVERYONE is Really upset with this decision and hardly anyone agrees with Trump’s decision.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 23% of Likely U.S. Voters think the U.S. military’s decision to allow openly transgender people to serve is good for the military.


Just sayin’



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  1. I, as well, have listed to Tom for years when he was on the radio ( not pod cast) I find tons of hypocrites with his Trump bashing. I even recall him being very against a female president because they act on emotion rather than logic. I’m not saying one or the other is true, it’s besides the point. This “terrible” president is putting more money in Toms pocket. Also, When did his show turn political. Such a shame. Used to enjoy his content

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