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Buzzfeed.com Logic (there’s an oxymoron for you)

An article over at buzzfeed.com is making some crazy accusations. It basically goes like this:

In the aftermath of the revelations, the Trumps and the Agalarovs have said that they don’t know each other or Goldstone well.

However, a look through social media posts by the Agalarovs and Goldstone going back three years shows a more extensive relationship.

The article then shows images of the Trump’s posing with these other people as if that means you know them well and are very close. Here are some of what they call the “Bombshell”, “Smoking-Gun”, “Breaking Story” images:

Holy crap…they are standing right next to each other…they must be incredible friends!!



Oh my…they are ALL doing the Thumbs Up together…only real Brothers would do that, right?



Hole – E  Crap…even Ivanka is in the pic…dig deeper and you will likely find a Love Child !!



OKAY…now let’s apply some of that Buzzfeed.com logic to my kid’s Social Media Posts as he works in Hollywood with some interesting people


Here he is with some Porn Stars at some sort of awards show…he must get lots of tail with great friends like that !!



Holy shit…he is best friends with Han Solo!  How come we are not on set of the latest Star Wars Movie filming or flying around in a plane with his buddy Harrison or at the minimum enjoying a nice meal from HIS son’s Restaurant “Ford’s Filling Station”?



Oh wow, this is awkward…my son is Best friends with a guy who wants to shoot Trump the Clown!



Hot Damn!!  My son is Besties with the Mayor…I’m not going to be worried about parking tickets anymore !!



Nice…Jeff Goldblum rocks!  I mean pretty much ANYONE can get a pic with Jeff on any Wednesday evening at the Rockwell Club in Hollywood if he isn’t busy making a film or something BUT he is working with my kid and giving him thumbs up so based on Buzzfeed logic, I’m pretty sure we will be having Thanksgiving with Jeff 🙂



Holy crap, a Hollywood acting legend and look how close they are in the pic…they must be the BEST of Best Friends…right Buzzfeed?



I’m embarrassed to say I am not even sure who this guy is BUT I have seen him in like every other Movie. My kid is Obviously Best Friends with him according to Buzzfeed logic !!  Yay !!


There are plenty more because my kid works with famous people constantly but you get the point. Buzzfeed Logic is just stupid to say because you have snapped some pics with people and uploaded to your Social Media, it means you are way more than just acquaintances like they suggest. It’s just Fake News again!!





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