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Let’s put this Lie in 3500 Fake News Stories to bed For Good !! (Hillary started it)

Have you ever heard this line?

“17 intelligence agencies all in agreement that Russia hacked the election”  [FAKE NEWS] 

Turns out only a few Agencies were “working” on the evidence AND it is a fact NONE of those agencies actually physically got hands on the hacked DNC server (Seriously)…the DNC hired some “people” to tell the FBI what they found and the FBI said okay, sounds good to us, that is what we will report to everyone. Yup…that whole BS is going to be another Metrumpolis post in itself !!

We have known about these facts since they emerged from James Clapper’s face hole on May 8, and they were confirmed by former CIA Director John Brennan on May 23. And yet at a California technology conference on May 31, Hillary Clinton repeated the same lie she’s been spouting since October.

You know how in a court of Law if the Judge finds you lying about something, he throws everything you say into the trash after that because anything you say cannot be held as truth?…This is like that !!

Even the New York Slimes issued a retraction/correction in a tiny way buried at the end of an article…but even they finally got it right (but don’t actually want to spread that around…17 sounds better and we certainly don’t want to contradict Hillary.



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