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The Most Important Question about this Russian Hacking stuff – Metrumpolis Opinion

This is Really Really simple and EVERYONE should be asking this question:

What the hell is Steven Seagal doing over there looking like an idiot trying to dance?



Comey testimony he made such a Big Deal how important this Russian Hacking stuff is…everyone on the Left says it is Super important and that is why they talk about it 23/7…Hell, MSNBC even has a “Russian” tab on their web site AND you will even find many Republicans agreeing this is Super Important stuff to get to the bottom of !!

OKAY…then why is it all surrounding Trump & friends. It was DNC servers that got hacked, Obama and many from his reign knew about stuff. Hillary herself admits she was targeted. How come ALL of these other people are not being interrogated in the name of finding answers about the ALL IMPORTANT Russian Hacking??

The answer is that it is only about harassing Trump, constantly resisting him, never letting anything get done, etc…they just won’t directly admit that.


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