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Bill Maher “The Crime Is Not Leaker…The Crime IS the Crime !!”

Bill Maher very rarely gets it right and I intend to go through episode after episode to make video to prove this point (there are even lies in this clip) BUT, he actually got something right here.

What he said Right – The crime is Not the Leaker, the Crime is the Crime is something many have said for a long time but people like Podesta, Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, anyone else out by Wikileaks and anyone else who was supporting Hillary (including my own Brother) want you to believe all the info that was leaked should be ignored because you should not have that information.

Props to Bill Maher for saying forget about where the leaks came from, the Truth about Crimes is what is Most Important !!

What he said Wrong (in this tiny clip) – He said this was a dramatic Russian hack because they put cookies on some web sites? Pretty sure this site is using plenty of cookies, they almost ALL do. It’s funny listening to people talk about tech who have no clue.

Also, the GRU is NOT the KGB as Maher states…the KGB eventually became known as the SVR. The GRU is what used to be known as the Red Army.

I like that show “The Americans”.


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