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Metrumpolis thoughts on Loretta Lynch + an old Comey gem I found !!

I’ve been reviewing video today regarding Congress grilling James Comey and Loretta Lynch last year about the Hillary email server and a couple of things are obvious. They seemed scared shitless to say anything bad about Hillary. In fact Loretta Lynch pretty much never even answered and question clearly and concisely. She had a complicated mangled BullShit response to just about everything!

Here is an example:

Congress) Madame General Lynch, I am very frustrated by your indirect answers so how about I ask you if someone is driving above the speed limit…is THAT breaking the law and should you be punished with a ticket?

Lynch)  It all depends on the circumstance, the weather, road conditions, etc…I don’t want to second guess a fine policeman.


See what I mean…she is going to be completely useless on the stand as she only gives double-talk with no direct answers to ANYTHING.


I did however find an old clip of Comey testifying under oath and BOY was his attitude different when it came to Hillary. He was ALL about Evidence, Evidence, Evidence, “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” (His Words)…BUT…when it comes to Trump, all bets are off, doubt is cool, ignore his exact words but I “feel” maybe he was obstructing so take him to jail please. Also, ignore the fact that I am only ONE SIDE of a private conversation (just believe me…diddly) and Lordy, please ignore I just got fired and I am an angry Ex-Employee 🙂


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