The other day reporters were yet again asking Spicey if Trump believes Russia hacked the 2016 election. Later that night I had MSNBC on in the background while they paraded their all-star panels of people who believe this is so serious that it needs to be discussed for hours and hours.

This prompted the following thought and suggestion from me:

1. All Dems think Russia hacked the election by hacking servers and decimating emails that put people in a bad light by showing the real illegal and immoral stuff going on behind the scenes.

Okay…I have lots to say about that but lets go with it.

2. They say General Flynn had to go and was unfit for office due to him being compromised by Russians because they had info about him and he could be blackmailed.

Okay…I have lots to say about that but lets go with it.

So…if we go by what the Dems are preaching, ALL of the Dems that had email correspondence on the hacked servers are Most Certainly Compromised and unfit to serve in any political job (Burger King is hiring) because the Russians have all sorts of info about them. Heck, we have already seen many gems and I’m sure the Evil Russians are holding back the best stuff to exert control over their Dem surrogates 🙂

Just sayin’


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