I’ll be the first to admit that I am no expert on Political crap and I may not know anything I am talking about (except when it comes to computer stuff). Everything here are just the opinions of a normal guy watching stuff from the sidelines.

Here is why I made this site:

A few days ago I was listening to the Mark Levin show and he sounded like Trump supporter with a clear grip on reality and I had some Fresh takes on some of the topics he had been discussing. I tried to find a way to email him but these big shots cloak everything and don’t want to hear from the regular guy users. He does take some calls during his Radio Show but it is obvious he doesn’t have much patience for his listeners/callers either.

I figured I would call him the next day and share ONE of my original views because I knew I would have to be quick & concise or he would be yelling at me while hanging up. The phone number was busy all day until the show…then the number started ringing and ringing for a long time but I have earbuds for my iPhone so I was okay with the wait as my excitement grew.

Finally, a call-screener dude answers and asks my first name and then asks what I wanted to say…Yay!

I literally said the words…”If the Dems are so concerned about Russians…” I was quickly cut off with “We don’t want to talk about that right now” / CLICK…and that was it.

That chucklehead rude mother-fucker just hung up on me after 8 words. I decided, you know what Mark Levin…Fuck you and your asshole screener. Fuck your new book, Fuck CRTV and anyone else in your immediate orbit.

Within 48 hours I had this site online AND I will have a App ready in the next 60 days.

I can now share my opinions right here on my own site…nobody may ever see it but I feel good just to put it in writing. I live in California and you are risking your life around here if you say anything positive about Trump.