I’ll be the first to admit that I am no expert on Political crap and I may not know anything I am talking about (except when it comes to computer stuff). Everything here are just the opinions of a normal guy watching stuff from the sidelines.

Here is why I made this site:

My own brother has a Blog where he spreads pure Propaganda about how much of an angel Hillary Clinton is and how her foundation did nothing but help people all over the world and she didn’t make a dime from it, etc…

His Blog also finds every possible negative spin on anything Trump says or does. Picture if Rachel Madcow had a Blog, that is the crap my Bro writes daily. I’m pretty sure if my Bro made Youtube Videos, they would look EXACTLY like Keith Olberman.

I have really never cared for Politics before BUT I know when someone is being Railroaded by hypocrites and I hate hypocrites and love to call them out.

Basically, this stupid little site is to make the world a bit more balanced when there are blogs out there like my Bro has.