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I was watching some older fake news from October 2016, just before the election and if you let the videos just run, one after another talks about how crummy Trump is Doing, Hillary is TOTALLY going to win, Trump thinks there may be some rigging going on in Election but they make fun of him saying he is full of crap and everyone knows that is BS (Curious, since nowadays they talk about how everyone knew the Russians were manipulating the Elections at that time and before, sop they say not that Clinton lost). Hell, even Obama came out at this exact time in Mid-October came out and said the elections were completely legit with no fraud going on anywhere and that Trump could not lead the Country by even saying so.

Also, there is lots of talk about the “Women” that came forward against Trump right before the Election saying they were groped and spoken to inappropriately…big focus on some girl named “Jessica Drake” who was paraded out by big-time Attorney Gloria Allred.



I was wondering what happened to those women so I did some Googling and found that not only did Jezebel Drake back down, it turns out that hot shot Attorney Gloria Allred is now under a SECOND Bar Investigation for alleged misconduct.


Anti-Trump Lawyer Gloria Allred Now Under Second Bar Investigation For Alleged Misconduct




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