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Alternative universes happening before our eyes!!

All this talk about Trump Jr. taking a meeting with someone who was supposed to be something she wasn’t but the mere fact that he knew a leader from a Foreign Country maybe wanted to endorse his team (just knowing that and taking a meeting is supposedly treason?). The left is going bananas  about how terrible this is and how Jr. needs to be put to Death? (that is the penalty for Treason).

Meanwhile, it was business as usual for Hillary to make deals to put Tens of Millions in her pocket to make the Uranium deal happen as well as directly collude with Ukraine for their help in making Trump look bad by purchasing fake Russian intel (pee-gate) to try and get her elected.

There are a zillion examples of collusion between the media…Chuck re-Todd, Debbi Wasserman Schultz, etc…even “pussy-gate” was timed perfectly with the Dems in trying to undermine Trump campaign, etc…

Hell, Hillary used to come right out and tell people during interviews that World Leaders were talking to her asking what they could do to help her win and she blatantly told people on camera that she was holding that stuff “On Reserve”… But nobody cared one bit when it was their girl Hillary!!

What’s up with that?

Here’s a sample:


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