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No Dignity, No Doubt

Somehow from Twitter I stumbled upon some guys page and it is some Mexican guy who says he is a Lawyer but obviously knows nothing about Truth and Justice. His anti-trump Twitter feed is so over the top Racist, full of Hypocrisy and so many Lies…I refer to this guy as the Mexican Keith Olberman.

Here are some samples of the stupid crap this guy posts (maybe he creates it too…nah):

Wow…talk about Racist…kind of a reverse black thing where Trump supporters are deplorable monkey descendants? So amazing this guy accuses Trump of hate and being a racist but he posts stuff like this…the retard can’t even see how stupid he comes across because of the hypocrisy.


Okay…I found it funny but I can see your point about dignity by not even going there…(see next pic)


Wait what?  I thought this sort of stuff something that dignified people would not even participate in?  More hypocrisy from this guy!


WTF?  Is this some sort of “FAT SHAMING” crap?  What would your idol “Michelle Obama” say to your Fat Shaming?


I’m not even sure what this comment is all about…my best guess is it has something to do with Trump giving blow-jobs and this is some sort of bash against the Gay Community !!


This Keith Garcia Olberman dude likes to point out Donald Trump made a fake Time Magazine Cover…BY MAKING A FAKE TIME MAGAZINE COVER!!  Now he is making fun of those gay fetish guys that like to wear diapers and this guy obviously has no respect for the office of the President of the United States…a guy like that shouldn’t even be allowed in this Country in my opinion.


Oh look…he faked up ANOTHER Time Magazine cover AND pretends like it is the REAL Current Cover trying to fool people who may not know better (his comrades?). More hypocrisy…is faking covers okay or not?

BTW, here is a Fun Fact SuperLawyer wannabe…Trump HAS actually been on the Cover of Time Magazine 14 times





While even the Left and the Media have backed off big time on the Russian Collusion thing (because they were caught on camera saying it was a “Nothing-burger” and it was “all about drumming up ratings” and despite Comey’s own testimony in front of congress saying Trump was NEVER under investigation for collusion, this idiot is STILL trying to convince people of this narrative!


Sorry…this guy’s tweets speak for themselves…he is a complete Racist Idiot full of Hypocrisy !!


Just sayin’






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