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Thoughts about Trump visiting Poland

As usual, when I visit the Main Stream Media sites to find out more about Trump’s visit to Poland, all I find is the expected images of people protesting and hating on Trump which makes sense and keeps with the MSM narrative that the rest of the World is laughing at us because we have elected a moronic clown as the President of our Country.


Although, when I hear parts of his speech (which sounded pretty brilliant I must add), there are parts where you hear people (lots and lots of people) chanting things like “USA, USA, USA” and other times you hear the people chanting “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump”.


So I wonder but may never know…is the MSM correct and the people of Poland think the USA is a Country of idiots led by a clown OR is the MSM once again completely misleading us to believe some narrative they have designed for us to believe.


Just sayin’



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