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Morning Schmoe team calls Trump a Thug & Mentally Unhinged but they are ironically describing Donny Deutsch sitting right next to them!

The Morning Schmoe team have been making fun of Trump and taking shots at him since even before the election. They tried so hard to convince people not to vote for him. They freaked when he got elected AND they have been jabbing him every single day since then.

I was going to make a compilation video of all the crap they have been saying about him but you can easily do a search on youtube for that as I wanted to post about this story before it goes away. Just from memory, I know they have called him A Schmuck, A Thug, A Con Man and Crazy Unhinged as well as trying to insinuate he has a tiny little cock. Personally, I would have slammed these two chuckleheads long ago!

They were also complaining about some sort of Time Magazine Cover that they said was fake but in my research, it appears he has been on the cover of Time Magazine 14 times! Yup, never heard them talk about that even once.

Anyway, if you check out the clip below, you will see their buddy Donny Deutsch on their show being EXACTLY as they describe Trump to be. Hell, if Donny Deutsch were to pull down his pants and reveal a little tiny cock, we would have a 100% match !!

Why do I think Donny Deutsch is crazy Unhinged??  Easy…this guy has had an Amazing Life of living in 30 Million dollar homes and being worth well over 200 million dollars!. Think about it…if I had 200 Million dollars, I could care two shits about anything Donald Trump tweets. You kidding me…I would be on some exotic island, swimming in the Caribbean with my middle finger out if you tried to even talk about Trump tweets to me.

For a 200 million dollar guy to get all frazzled over some tweets (not even about him) and you can see the veins in his head popping out as his blood pressure raises while he talks about how ugly Trump is and challenges Trump to a fight at the playground after school…that is a Crazy Unhinged guy if I EVER saw one !!

I guess it’s true that money doesn’t necessarily make someone happy and a zillionaire like that is going to stress himself out over a tweet until he has a heart attack and sees how great life is intubated while in a hospital bed…I’ve been there, done that and that is why I think Donny Deutsch is a complete dumbfuck !!

Just sayin’

BTW – I used to love Donny’s “Big Idea” show and watched EVERY episode. He went from Amazing to Crazy Wacko…Sad.



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